Chicago Legend payroll dies

Legendary Chicago Rapper Payroll Dies of a Heart Atttack


The Staff at HearonTrackz.Com Have a lot of love for Payroll. We are deeply Saddened my the new of the passing of one of good brothers. Our Brother Payroll was another victim of The lack of love and affection we have towards one another suffering a heart attack from an overdose. Through his life he battled with many demons drugs being one of them. In the last months of his life he checked himself into rehab and was on the road to recovery, even in the works to record a whole EP with Super Producer HearonTrackz. Hearontrackz took over as publishing administrator in order to help Payroll receive back-royalties for his songs most notably "Never Change". Sources say HearonTrackz will continue the mission to get his royalties and deliver them to his next of kin. Rapper Payroll is most famous for his song "Never Change" Produced by Kanye West then in which Kanye Sold to Jayz and placed on "The BluePrint". Rumor has it that Kanye West Never Got in A Car Accident what actually happened is he was hit in the face with a 40 oz and recieving two broken legs from Kanye West's Security!!! Crazy Right!! The Streets talk!! That was a Great PR spin if this true🤔


listen to The Infamos Song and Others including "Fuck Kanye" on an Old Soundclick link Below