Submit Songs for Mixtape


Each Submission must contain the following:

 1. Proof of Registered Lyrics and Melody (Composition)


2. Must Purchase / Lease - to - Own Production from one of the Listed Producers

 (Documented: Must Provide Contract Agreement : Beat Leases available below )

3. Must have an HD Video for the record

Entry Fee is $300.00 for Songs / $500.00 for Singles

Producer List:

Ace Lex

Paris Beuller/ Bandkamp


YF Beatz

Chase Davis


Videographer List For MR E DVD:

Tev Desh

Rio ProdUctions

Da Visionairies

RayyMoney Vision

and More Ask for more info



If You Have Not registered as a Songwriter, Composer or Publisher We provide Artist Registration and Song Monetization Services click below for more information:

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